I will always consider today as the day I stepped into the alternate universe that was the year 2020.

One year ago, today, as the world was just beginning to grieve the tragic loss of Kobe Bryant, his daughter, and seven other precious lives, I was trying to figure out what to do with a dead cat.

Let me explain.

On January 1st, 2020, after the ceremonial ball dropped and we all so foolishly welcomed in the new year, my sister and her boyfriend took a cute little trip to Europe. They visited his parents in London and had their…

Celine Logo – Before & After

It seems like a silly question, but after the recent controversy that was sparked with Celine’s latest brand revamp dropping the accent, you’d be asking yourself just how big of an effect can that one simple character really make?

This past Sunday, the new Creative Director, Hedi Slimane of Céline.. *ahem* Celine, officially changed the logo and did so in the most dramatic of fashions. She did so by deleting their entire Instagram Feed and beginning with a fresh new look — and a fresh new name.

The reason? It seems as though they’re trying to take us back to…

Your Ultimate Guide to the bustling city that loves its Footy and happens to have the best Thai Curry that you’ll ever eat.

The City:

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

The Vibe:

Melbourne is unlike any city you’ve ever spent time in. Yes, you could describe it using many of the same buzzwords you would use to describe any other; bustling, alive, energetic, and so on. However, it’s what makes this city stand apart from the others which makes it so special: the galleries, the parks, the gardens, the beaches, the food, the nightlife, the people, the mindset.

Yes, the hustle is alive and well in…

Kids of Immigrants, or KOI, was founded in 2016 by Daniel Buezo and Weleh Dennis, who are both first generation Americans with a strong sense of their cultures, to say the least. Daniel, who’s family is from Honduras, and Weleh, who is from Liberia, recall stories of their parents immigrating to the states and making a life for themselves, back at square one.

Veja was born out of the idea that there has to be a better way to create. A more sustainable way. One that doesn’t waste, use harmful materials, or require immoral working and living conditions for employees.

This may sound like the silly fantasy of two idealistic 20-something-year-olds who just wants to save the world. Actually, that’s exactly what it was.

AWOM, or Angel Watching Over Me, is a Miami-based lifestyle brand that was founded in 2014. A nonprofit company who shares the solid belief that it takes a village.

A female-founded company, AWOM’s clothing is represented by a strong feminine voice. Decked in the words, ‘woman,’ ‘femme,’ or ‘mujer,’ on many of the pieces, this sense of female empowerment is rooted in the soul of their culture.

Honestly, that’s enough for me to buy every sweatshirt in every single color — seriously, the colors are on point.

But the brand represents more than that.

Inspired by the trending hashtag #angelwatchingoverme…

Founders of Dimpiece Laura Fame and Ashely Jones.

If there’s a fashion label that you need to know about right now, it’s LA-based clothing company, Dimepiece.

Founded in 2007, in the LA Design District, by Ashley Jones and Laura Fama, Dimepiece is a girl-power, street-wear brand with a strong urban influence. Born in a spare bedroom in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, Dimepiece, is now a global brand seen on celebrities like Rhianna, Selena Gomez and Nicki Minaj.

So what’s got me so obsessed?

It’s hard not to get inspired after learning the ladies’ story behind the brand.

After just one year in business with 12 t-shirt designs, the ladies…

Denver Skyline.

The City: Denver, Colorado

The Vibe: With 300 days of sunshine the energy of Denver matches perfectly — happy. It’s hard to feel blue when the sun literally never stops shining. But if I had to describe it in another word, I would say active. Denver might be the most physically active city I have ever lived in. Everyone’s up early, everyone’s running to work, biking to work, walking to work. Yeah, people drive, come on. But if you’ve ever driven on the I-25 going either way you will find another reason people choose to hoof it. And young. Everyone’s…

On June 11, IHOP announced that they were changing their name to IHOB.

For most people, the temporary rebrand was just an excuse to make hilarious memes. And when I say hilarious, I mean HILARIOUS.

So, if anything, thank you IHOP for the new material — that is invaluable.

I first heard the name Herschel Supply Company as the independent travel accessories company, wildly popular on Instagram, without following a single account.

This was insane because the traditional model for social media marketing involves the core element of interacting with your target community in order to build your audience. With all of the noise, how else would anyone know you exist?

This was somehow not the case for Herschel.

In fact, Herschel had over 2,000 followers before they even posted their first image on Instagram.

How is this even possible?

Herschel Supply Co. was founded by brothers Jamie and Lyndon Cormack from Vancouver, Canada in 2009.

Upon their launch, Herschel quickly grew from a start-up…

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Creative Writer based in Miami, FL.

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